Shalom Wildlife Zoo

Although it’s been quite a few years since I have been to any zoo, I finally decided to check out “Wisconsin's Wildest Zoo”, Shalom Wildlife Zoo located in West Bend, WI.

Mouflon Sheep

Shalom consist of roughly a 4-mile gravel path that loops around the zoo. If your smart, and want to add to the fun, you’ll rent a golf cart.

White Tail Deer Fawn

Many of the animals seem to have lots of area to prance around in. This means they can also be harder to spot. I don't mind, it adds to the fun.


Some animals; on the other hand, seemed excessively confined. I’m no expert, but Coyote probably need a bit more room than 6x8 feet to run around in.

Bunny Rabbit

Food to feed certain animals is purchasable. Many of the fences were big enough to get hands through to interact with the wildlife.

Nilgai Antelope

I like to avoid tongues and drool of 500-pound animals myself, but plenty of people were into feeding them.

Mute Swan

The zoo is scattered with “learning centers”, notes on animals, blurbs about the foliage, and more. A week ago, if you would have asked me to identify which of the following birds is the "Mute Swan" or the "Trumpeter Swan", I wouldn’t have been able to tell you.

Trumpeter Swan

This one ^ is the Trumpeter Swan.

American Bison

One of my favorite moments at Shalom was seeing the Bison stampede around. I failed to get a decent shot of them doing so, but here is one after they stopped running.

Indian Peacock

This collection of photographed animals does not do the Shalom Zoo justice - I’m not sure if “wildest zoo” holds up though. Overall it was a good time, and seems like a great place for kids. I have reaffirmed that zoos are a good place to take photos. Maybe I will check out Milwaukee County Zoo soon!

Alrighty 'nuff said.



African Spurred TortoiseAfrican Spurred Tortoise


Grizzly Bear

Although this photo was taken from feet away. A fence obscured this Grizzly Bear’s entire body, and a portion of the tree. You can see this a tiny bit in the Coyote photo above. That said, it’s a lot less notable there due to my focal length. So instead of throwing away the photo, I put my rusty Photoshop skills to the test. How does it look?