Harley-Davidson Museum

Although riding a “hog”; or any type of motorcycle has never been appealing to me, as a Wisconsinite the Harley-Davidson name means something special. If you have any interest in Wisconsin, Milwaukee, automotive, or motorcycle history, the Harley-Davidson Museum is such a great experience!

Dual Cylinders Classic dual cylinders placed on 45-degree angle – the iconic symbol and sound of the Harley.

Belt Crimper This tool was used to crimp leather drive belts together.

For one, they have hundreds of cycles organized in such an outstanding way. Each bike with a unique story. In major sections on both the first and second floor, I found it quite amazing that I could walk just a few feet and see how technology changed over the years. Comparing models from year to year, spotting advances in technology, power, and comfort.

Oil Burn This particular exhibit had a dissected motorcycle split into numerous sections. From one angle, it looked as-one, but walking around it you could examine each piece separately.

Secondly, the specific exhibits cover areas such as: early years, world wars, racing, culture shifts, and the future... You could easily spend 3 hours just glimpsing here and there.

Harley Gas Tank Wall The tank is the best way to show off the Harley brand, a lot of time and effort goes into these designs.

Thirdly, you get a vibe of honesty. Information being in the open. It’s history, the company went through good times and bad, they are just letting you experience their story. Speaking from the outside-looking-in, I left feeling like Harley-Davidson has a true connection to itself, its workers, and its riders.

Harley-Davidson 100th Anniversary Bike This is Harley’s 100th anniversary bike. Once it was made, it was deconstructed and shipped to allow for every employee to sign it.

Fourthly, I was very impressed to learn that many of the hundreds of bikes in the museum are either originals – literally right from the factory line (1900s-Today), or are reconstructions using all original parts!

Bedazzled Harley-Davidson Showing off the Harley culture with a Bedazzled Harley-Davidson.

Harley-Davidson Chopper Showing off the Harley culture with a custom Chopper. #MERICA

Lastly, the infrastructure and style of the Museum is an art in itself. It’s bold and unique but yet extremely functional – it’s quite a spectacle at night as well. Speaking of functional, it’s probably the easiest attraction to acquire a parking spot for in all of Milwaukee.

Harley-Davidson Duo-Glide 1958 Duo-Glide

I have been looking to purchase a faster lens. I would like to dabble in video someday and be able to shoot in darker situations. I had somehow forgotten about my Canon EF 50mm f/1.4! It came in handy at the Museum.

Alrighty 'nuff said.

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